Tyronza P D Requests Permission to Patrol U.S. 63

FEBRUARY 12, 2007, updated at 7:33 a.m. on 2/13/07

TYRONZA - The City of Tyronza has sent a letter to the Director of the Arkansas State Police asking for permission to patrol U.S. Highway 63. According to State Police Spokesman Bill Sadler, Director Steve Dozier will not grant or deny any additional patrols by local departments until the Arkansas General Assembly decides on pending legislation. Sadler says a letter was sent to Tyronza officials that its request is on hold.

According to Arkansas law, a local police agency cannot patrol a limited access highway unless it has permission from the Director of the State Police. U.S. 63 was recently upgraded inside the Tyronza city limits to a limited access highway. Until then, the Tyronza Police Department had been patrolling the highway.

K8 News will follow this request and will keep you up to date with the latest developments.