Overcoming a Professional Slump

How to Beat the Workplace Blues

Everyone goes through times where they lose their motivation, but the challenge is regaining your drive before the slump becomes a permanent rut. By quickly identifying the warning signs of the workplace blues and implementing steps to overcome them, you can get back to being an industrious, positive professional.

To keep the doldrums at bay, it's important to pay attention to the indicators of a coming motivation lull. One early warning sign is a lack of focus and interest in projects that were once important to you. This decrease in enthusiasm could be due to boredom or frustration - but whatever the reason, if left unaddressed, the results will be a declining quality of work. Other indicators include increased absenteeism, a poor attitude and more frequent errors.  When you find yourself dreading going into work, missing deadlines or dropping in productivity, chances are, you've lost your motivation. By recognizing that you're in or are nearing a slump, you can take the necessary measures to adjust your outlook and performance.

Often times, professionals become lethargic when their work is no longer challenging or new. To spice up your workload, explore joining a new committee or task force, or talk to your boss about adding some different projects. Varying your workload will add interest and diversity to your day. Not only will new tasks challenge you to use your problem-solving skills, it will also keep you excited about going to work.

If adding new projects isn't enough change to get you going, shake up your workspace. Working in the same environment day after day can drain anyone's creativity and drive. Take down old faded pictures and put up bright, colorful photos or motivational posters. If possible, move the furniture in your area -change the direction of your computer, desk or worktable. By making simple