Governor Beebe Reflects On His First Days Of Office

FEBRUARY 14, 2007

LITTLE ROCK - From a tar paper shack to the governor's mansion, Mike Beebe's humble beginnings in Jackson County never lend him to dream that one day he would be called governor.

Inspired by the charaismatic John F. Kennedy, Beebe was bitten by the political bug, and worked his way up to the state's hightest office. Now he says he works for a better education, economic development and all around success for Arkansas.

Beebe says that education is imperiative for all Arkansas children.  Saying that preschool is perhaps the one thing we can do to elevate the quality of education in this state. The competition to win big business in Arkansas is heating up too, and Beebe says economic development and education go hand in hand.

"Our first priority is to attract high paying jobs that are environmentally friendly and provide stability in communites."

But Beebe says we must be diverste, to give all Arkansas's the opportunity for work.  Beebe has propsed whats called a quick action closing fund, to help provide support for big businesses moving into the state.

Beebe says he sees Arkansas making tremendous strides in educational and economic succsess, and he wants Arkansas to be a model for other states. He knows everyone deserves the same chance to be educated and successful, no matter how much or how little you come from. "It's really not as important where you start as where you end up.