A Temporary Solution For Greene County Jail

FEBRUARY 14, 2007

GREENE COUNTY - After beign turned down in November by Green Couny taxpayers for a major expansion of the jail, Sheriff Dan Langston now has to settle for a consolation prize.  Instead of the 6 million dollar plan to overhaul the jail the project will have to be scalled down to fit an approved $250,000 budget. To fit the new funding restraints plans have been changed to an expansion of the current facility.

The new expansion will be build on where the current male exercise area is located.  The 3200 square foot project will cost a little under $250,000 and only needs approval byt he state to move forward.  It's a project the sheriff feels is long overdue. Langston says, "It was built originally in 1994 for 72 males and 12 females and we currently have 120 in it today."According to jail admistrator Ron Harvey there are often times more than that.  He feels the expansion is nothing more than a short term solution. "I think it will be maxed out by the time it is open and I think we will be in the same position we were in before this came about but it will give us some leeway," says Harvey.

So for now the jail staff will be forece to continue status quo for at least a year.  The money for the project will be paid for by the county and will not resutl in any new taxes. To help keep the cost down the county plans to use county workers and a number of inmates who are on the 309 work release program to build parts of the new expanion.

Reporting for K-8 news, Brett Garrett.