McArhur Jr. High School Deals With Another Student's Threats

Posted Feburary 15, 2007 at 3:09p.m.

JONESBORO -  A former 13 year old MacArthur junior high student is behind bars in the Craighead county juvenile detention center for what is being called terroristic threatening. The student allegedly corresponded with an Annie Camp studnet on Myspace about what he would do at school.

The 13 year old is currently being homeschooled after leaving MacArthur in December.  The child also used to be a student in the Nettleton and Brookland school districts. He had a Myspace page that misrepresented his age and hometown, it was that myspace page where he made the threat and what tipped off police.

Detective Sgt. Todd Nelson says Jonesboro police searched the home of the suspect.  In his room they found tubes with duck tape around them, a list of names, and a number of diagrams with a disturbing theme.  "There was just random drawings most focused towards an adoration to the columbine students," said Nelson.

While none of the evidence gathered pointed towards the juvenile having a defined plan but nevertheless it is a scary situtaion.