Future of ASU Student Health Center May Be In Jeopardy

JONESBORO - Sick ASU students may have to take a number if they want to get medical help on campus.  The school has four employees to cover 10 thousand students.  Arkansas State is one of only a few universities in the country without a student health fee, but a proposed resolution could make getting health care on campus easier and more efficient.

The Center does more than just hand out flu shots. They are involved in health promotions on campus, sorority and fraternity presentations and parent orientation and is the medical unit leader for the campus in case of a disaster.  Lisa Shefelton, director of the ASU student health center, says, "It's not just handing our ibuprofrin or tylenol. We have kids who are coming in here that are being diagnosed with lukemia, testicular cancer, breast cancer, heart failure, and asthma attacks."

The University of Central Arkansas is very comparable to ASU, and at a health fee of $65 dollars per semester, they accomodate about as many students on a $1.3 million dollar budget and employe about three times the amout of people. While ASU is only asking half that.