Potholes in Region 8

February 19, 2007 -- Posted at 6:40 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR -- Craighead County is just one of many places in Region 8 that has a problem with potholes.

Potholes, big or small can drain the air out of your tires and after time, the money out of your bank account.

"I just recently got new tires and they're not cheap," said Cassandra Andrews.

Andrews has two small children and travels on County Road 928 on a daily basis.

"We have this big pothole that I have to drive by at least twice a day because I have to take my son to school," said Andrews.

Potholes can be hard on your vehicle.

"I've had to have the front end's realigned on both of my cars this year already," said

Kevin Fields.

Many choose to avoid them all together.

"I try to swerve around it unless there's oncoming traffic and I have to go really slow to be able to not hurt my tires," said Andrews.

When you hit a pothole, the damage done to your tire is irreversible.  Experts tell us that the hard impact of a tire hitting a pothole will cause the inside of the tire to bulge out.

Many of the damaged roads have been patched up, but it's only a temporary fix.

"They place chat on the holes and in two days it's gone," said Fields.

Other quick fixes include a one inch steel plate that covers up ongoing utility work.

This type of patchwork can be just as hard on your tires.

Join K8's Pothole Patrol and fill out the form below, on this page, to let us know about the pot holes that you want fixed.