4 Candidates Seek Vacant Council Seat

FEBRUARY 19, 2007 -- POSTED AT 9:30 P.M. CST

JONESBORO, AR -- After resignation of Alderman Jimmy Ashley, Jonesboro's City Council spent over a month deciding how to fill the position, but now councilmen are faced with the decision of who is going to fill that empty seat.

The position for Ward 6, Position 2 is between four candidates and unlike an election, this one's not up to the voters, but the city council they elected.

Each candidate was required to live within Ward 6 and submit a one-page essay, along with 30 signatures on an official election petition. Upon collecting the applications, all 4 candidates were interviewed by the full council in a special session on Monday afternoon. Focusing on things from hot issues within the city to long range planning, the candidates seemed prepared with their answers.

"I would like to assist in making the decisions to get some things done about the city streets and the flooding that's going on here," says Faye McCall, one of the candidates that is seeking the position.

McCall moved to Jonesboro nearly 2 years ago from Jackson, Mississippi where she worked with land use planning and feels she brings a strong knowledge of drainage expertise to the table.

Christy Gibson, a commercial real estate agent in Jonesboro has things she would like to address within the city as well.

"The North Jonesboro issue is one I would really like to investigate further to see what could be done. Maybe doing some kind of TIF in that area or working with the chamber to get some kind of economic development incentives brought in," says Gibson.

Adam Nichols, a fairly young candidate at the age of 26, says he could offer a number of things to the council, in particular, representation from the younger leaders in Jonesboro.

"I think there is a certain majority of voters or people out there that are under a certain age bracket that I could help represent, as well as the other ages as well. I just think that there is a gap, a void missing there maybe that I could bring to the table," says Nichols.

And last, Richard Carvell says his experience makes him the man for the job. Carvell has a long background of public service, serving on the Nettleton School Board for 19 years and also working for 36 years in various positions at Arkansas State.

"A commitment to serve the best I can with honesty and integrity and working really hard as a member of the city council and working with the other councilmen and with the staff of the City of Jonesboro," says Carvell.

The council is faced with a big decision, one they will make at their regular meeting Tuesday night. The candidate that fills the open seat will serve for nearly 2 years.