Fighting Drugs with Teamwork

We are proud this week to report on some great success due to teamwork which resulted in the arrests of several alleged drug dealers in Jonesboro. This success of this sting operation could turn out to be a huge first step towards cleaning up the drug problem in Region 8.

And unless you have your head buried in the sand, you know we DO have a serious drug problem in Northeast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri.

Consider This...

If you ask anyone involved in law enforcement they will tell you that drug use is the biggest issue they face. This concerted effort to target the problem at the dealer level is what we need to see in all the communities across Region 8.

"We couldn't have done it without the sheriff's department, DEA and everybody else. It's a good example of working together to get some of these larger dealers off the street,"

As we've said in the past... if you're dealing drugs in Region 8,  you're not welcome here... and hopefully you're one day closer to getting caught.

Let's take back our communities while we still have a chance...  If we don't act now... we'll look up in a few years and it will be too late.