Grocery Tax Relief Welcomed in Arkansas

THANK YOU! To our state legislators who gave all of us a nice gift this past week by approving a measure to reduce the tax on groceries by 50% dropping the tax from 6% to 3%.

Consider This...

Research says the "average" family spends about $150 per week on groceries. Under the previous guidelines that would create $9 in taxes. Now, for the same $150 the tax will be $4.50.

Saving an average of $4.50 per week for an entire year represents a savings of $234 annually. Where I come from... we call that real money!

When is the last time you can remember any politician doing something that put money BACK in your pocket?

Maybe the global warming has affected their brain cells, but whatever has created this intelligent thinking we hope it continues for many years to come.

If the state revenue continues to grow after this tax is reduced maybe we will see that grocery tax drop another 3% to zero in a couple of years. We'll keep our fingers crossed.