Musician Jon Secada Tours Baldwin Piano Plant

February 20, 2007 -- Posted at 5:30 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR -- For years Baldwin Piano has welcomed musicians to their plant to show them how the instruments are made.

On Tuesday Latin singer/songwriter Jon Secada made a stop in Trumann.

In the past few weeks Secada has served as a guest judge on the NBC reality show "Grease:  You're the One that I Want".

He is best known for his songs from the 1990's such as "Angel", "I'm Free", and "Do You Believe in Us?"

Secada met up with representatives from Baldwin Piano and formed the deal for the piano builder to endorse the performer.

"I've known about Baldwin for so many years and had the opportunity to play the piano and really get to know the instrument," said Secada.

When asked if he would want Baldwin to build him a customized piano, Secada said that he had the opportunity before to play a blue piano in the past and really liked the way it felt.

"I know there are red ones and white ones...and I know the company will personalize it if you want them to, so I'm curious," said Secada.

Speaking of personalized pianos, Baldwin is currently working on a piano for blues legend B.B. King.

King will visit the plant in Trumann in 2007 but Bob Sowell with Baldwin tells K8 News the visit will be kept private.

Future visitors to the plant include the band Rascal Flatts.