Senator Lincoln Vows to Fight For Farm Bill


- U-S Senator Blanche Lincoln pledged today to

fight for farm bill funding, despite resistance from urban senators

and European countries.

Lincoln, a Democrat from Arkansas, spoke at a forum today at the
Clinton Presidential Center. She was joined by Senator Saxby
Chambliss, a Republican from Georgia.

Both senators say the farm bill is critical for the U-S to
maintain a safe, abundant food supply. But both say passing the
farm bill will be a battle in Congress.

The current farm bill was approved in 2002 and expires later
this year.

A proposal released last month by the Bush administration would
cut agriculture spending by 18 billion dollars over the next
five years.

Under the proposal, anyone making more than 200-thousand dollars
in adjusted gross income would NOT be eligible for farm payments.
The cap is now set at two-point-five million dollars.

Lincoln and Chambliss say 200-thousand dollars sounds like a lot
of money to most people, but to farmers, it's not that much.
Chambliss says that's because farming operations and equipment are

Both senators say they'll fight the proposed income cap

Most federal subsidies go to growers of five major crops _ corn,
soybeans, wheat, rice and cotton.

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