Cave City Growth Spurt

January 21, 2007 - Posted at 6:06 p.m. CST

CAVE CITY-The town of Cave City is home to more than the world's sweetest watermelons.

It's also home to a lot of growth.

"It's progressively getting bigger. We have a lot more people moving in," said Ed Kagley, President of the Cave City Chamber of Commerce.

Which is clear by the progress of a new housing subdivision.

"In two years we've probably added 10 to 12 new houses to that area," said Carl Johnson, Mayor of Cave City.

And with more people moving in means expansion in other areas.

The new Cave City High School is under construction and set to open for the Fall 2007 school year.

"School is number one in this community. Great teachers and great faculty," said Kagley.

Also sprouting new beginings, is the First Baptist Church, which currently has a million dollar addition going up.

And things are going so well in Cave City, that the Uni-First Corporation that pulled out a couple of years ago has reopened it's doors bringing back more than 40 jobs to this community.

"They didn't have any problem getting plenty of workforce here. They could put 200 or 300 more people to work if we had the jobs for them," said Johnson.

And considering Cave City's proximity to neighboring Batesville, there's plenty of people to fill the workforce.

"We are kind of a back door to Batesville. Probably 75 % of our people work in Batesville," said Johnson.

Which has a big impact on Independence County's economy.

Yet, they live in Cave City for a reason.

"As far as a resident i love it here. Everybody knows everybody. It's just a really nice community," said Kagley.

A community on the go.

"We're not growing so fast that we can't handle the population. That's one thing i'm proud of is that we are just gradually growing and growing," said Johnson.

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