"Rape" Victim's Husband Apologizes for Scare

February 23, 2007 - Posted at 7:54 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR -- Victoria Simonton set Region 8 on edge after she claimed she was brutally sexually assaulted more than a week ago.  Simonton told police that she had been pistol wipped and raped with a screwdriver by a Hispanic man after she picked him up on the side of the road carrying a baby.  She later confessed to authorities that her facial injuries were self-inflicted and that she had made the entire story up.

Women's advocacy groups have been outraged by the hoax.

"I honestly believed her and so did the community as well," said her husband Marcus Simonton.

Victoria Simonton now faces charges of filing a false police report after making up a fake rape story.  Her husband apologized Friday for her family and on her behalf.

"She is also very sorry, she knows what she did was wrong.  She feels terrible for having all the women for being scared out of their minds," said Simonton.

"She does have mental problems and as a matter of fact is leaving today to take care of those problems, I don't know how long she's going to be gone, I believe a couple of months," said Simonton.

Victoria Simonton is accepting medical treatment at a facility in Memphis, something her family says she needed.

"I didn't want to believe her that she did this to herself as a matter of fact, but come to find out, the medical evidence proves it. There was no injuries sustained in those areas and I'm just glad that she came clean with it.  I hate that she lied about it and she brought it to this level, but she is doing everything she can to get treatment and to make her life and everybody else's life a lot better," said Simonton.

One study from Purdue University found in over 40% of the rape cases they studied, the so-called 'victim' in those cases, like Simonton's, eventually admitted that no rape had occurred.