Beebe Arrives in Dumas to Tour Tornado Damage

FEBRUARY 26, 2007 - Posted at 2:57 p.m. CST

DUMAS, AR - Governor Beebe is in Dumas to meet with officials and residents and get a look at the devastation from Saturday's tornado.

No one was killed, but damage is widespread.

Emergency management officials say that in Dumas alone 25 businesses were destroyed, nine had major damage and 15 had minor damage.  At least 25 homes and mobile homes were destroyed.  Twenty-four homes had major damage and 44 had minor damage.

Another eleven mobile homes were destroyed in the Back Gate community.

On Beebe's agenda this afternoon were meetings with local leaders and residents and aerial and ground tours of the damage.

The National Weather Service says the Dumas tornado formed eight miles northeast of Monticello and ended four miles northeast of Pendleton, giving it a 29-mile path.  The tornado was rated as an EF-3 on the enhanced Fujita scale.

A second tornado tracked from near Pendleton to six miles southeast of Tichnor, for an 8.5 mile path.  The second tornado was an EF-1.

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