Jonesboro Police Investigating Downtown Shooting

February 26, 2007--Post at 4:45 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR-- A double-shooting early Sunday morning in Downtown Jonesboro sends two people to the hospital. 22 year-old Lataurus Gordon and 31 year-old Eric Sharp both of St. Louis were shot in the parking lot behind Julio's private club on Union Street around 3:30 Sunday morning.

An after hours party in downtown Jonesboro ended with a bang early Sunday morning.

"We had two people in St. Bernards Hospital with bullet holes in them that said they were shot in the parking lot of Julio's Restaurant," said Jonesboro Police Chief Mike Yates.

The investigation is ongoing as police continue to review surveillance video, but Detective Vic Brooks says they have a pretty good idea of what the suspect looks like.

"A dark skin black male approximately 5'10 weighing 160 pounds," said Brooks.

According to police this isn't the first time they have been called to Julio's for a late night complaint. While the club was technically closed, there was a private party going on at the time. According to Yates that doesn't let Julio's off the hook.

"On a licensed premise, there is no such thing as a private party after hours. So they are violating ABC rules and regulations by conducting business that way," said Yates.

Monday Yates spoke with an ABC agent who said private parties are not going to be a loophole to getting around Jonesboro's new alcohol ordinance.

When that law takes affect, all private clubs must close at two a.m.

Instead, Yates feels this is just another example for residents to look as to why the ordinance is long overdue.

"These kinds of events have a lot to do with that and the reason for the ordinance is we want to be preemptive in trying to prevent things like this taking place," said Yates.

While the ordinance doesn't go into effect for another twenty plus days, events like this past weekend can put a black eye on a club's reputation and their business.

"A culmination of these kinds of events could result in a loss of their state license and if you don't have a state license, you don't have a city license either," said Yates.

Both gunshot victims were treated and released with minor injuries.