S.W.A.T. Rookies

March 1, 2007, Posted at 10:30 PM CST:

Jonesboro--  If you want to be a member of JPD's tactical unit be prepared to work. John Porbeck, Jason Chester and Caleb Landreth are all JPD veterans but they are new to the unit.

This is their first time at ''Camp Habermehl''

Chuck Habermehl comes to Jonesboro every year to teach the tactical unit the moves that make them more the police officers. He's giving them some of the same training he gives special ops and navy seals.

For these S.W.A.T. rookies their training to this point is almost irrelavant. They are starting from scratch.  Working together is the very first thing the rookies were taught at S.W.A.T. School. Every move, they make as one. They have to be practiced and nearly perfect because when they are called in the stakes are higher.