Beebe: Highway Bonds Could Fly with Broad Support

MARCH 2, 2007 - Posted at 4:00 p.m. CST

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Governor Beebe says he may reconsider his view that a highway bond package should wait until the next legislative session.

A number of legislators reacted strongly to the suggestion and said there is enough support to ready a measure for the ballot in the current session.

Beebe says support for a new highway package would have to be strong and broad-based.  That's because there won't be much money available to run a campaign for highway bonds when the package is on the ballot.

Beebe said today that if the Legislature, state Highway Commission and the trucking industry could give their full support to the idea, he could see the measure developing in this year's legislative session.

A proposal allowing the state Highway Commission to issue $575 million in bonds failed in a special election in 2005.  The ballot item was opposed then by the Arkansas Trucking Association, which objected because the commission would have had continuing authority to issue bonds.

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