Cleanup Begins in Storm Ravaged Missouri

The sun set Friday on a path of destruction that left the roof ripped off of a Citgo service station, as well as leaving the walls to the garage crumbled. However, the people in Caulfield, MO say with every disaster comes new beginnings.

"We're just starting again and working back through it. As long as you are alive you've gotta do something," said Marvin Parker, who lost much of his farm.

His attitude reflects the courage of the quiet town shaken by a 15 mile path of destruction.

Not only did Parker lose his home to a fire in October, but now much of his farm equipment is scattered from high winds.

"It took most all of our out buildings and everything. We are getting part of it put back, but we are just doing what we can to get things sorted," said Parker.

Only a couple of miles away, a metal carport rests firmly atop a house.

"I thought it was going to take this house....The windows were shaking and everything," said Faye Evans who was home during the storm.

Luckily the house was spared, but the yard was left littered with tree limbs and lawn furniture.

With trees toppled around the county, power crews spent most of their day out and about trying to restore that power, making sure people weren't sitting in the dark.

"We mainly just had to get our lines back up, so we could get the consumers back on," said Kenneth Handshaw of Howell-Oregon Electric.

However, for the Citgo station on Highway 160, it's lights off for a while.

The building suffered severe damage after it's roof was ripped off and the walls of a garage crumbled to the ground.

A look through the front window only shows empty shelves and sunlight pouring in.

"I was just thankful nobody got hurt. I was glad to know my family was okay. I'm sorry about the store, but I'm glad no lives were taken," said Kelly Bodeker who came to help her Aunt with cleanup.

Pieces of the store are scattered for several hundred feet, including the roof which is now resting in a tree, but is this the end of business?

"I don't believe there's an end for a long time. Right now, for what has's time for a new beginning," said Bodeker.

The electric company says they should have power restored to the area a little later Friday night. However, it's still unclear whether the area will be able to file for disaster assistance.

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