Rummage Sale to Benefit Whitney Whelchel

March 3, 2007 - Posted at 6:04 p.m. CST

PARAGOULD-A cold and windy morning was not enough to keep people from finding a good buy.  You could name the price, from 25 cents to 50 cents, and even a few dollars.

"It's just been coming in waves.  From the moment we opened up the door this morning poeple have been coming in," said Mitzie Whitten who was helping with the sale.

The community rummage sale is benefiting Greene County Tech student, Whitney Whelchel, who was severly injured in a car accident in October of last year.

"I've known Whitney ever since she was a little girl," said Betty Stahl.  "She's been in our prayers every single day and night."

"It's just a blessing to visit with folks and know that a community cares like they do.  Whitney is very loved in this community," said Junbug Jackson who is helping with the sale.

Whelchel is so loved, that many stopped by just to make a monetary donation to her and her family.

For those looking for a good buy, however, the sale had much to offer.

"There's been something for everybody out here," said Stahl.  "We are all going to just have a good time, and celebrate Whitney's homecoming."

It was Whitney Whelchel's arrival back hom this week that made the sale even more special.

"This is just a double treat," said Jackson.  "Everyone's asking how is Whitney?  Well, she got to come home."

We are told she is in good sprits, and her family asks that every continue their prayers.

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