Eagles Club Closed


Jonesboro, AR -- The Eagles Club in Jonesboro has been officially grounded by the organization's international president. After meeting Monday afternoon with Jonesboro Police Chief Mike Yates, The Eagles head honcho says the club is now a no-go.

"We have locked the doors, closed it down until we decide when to open up operationally again," says Bill Loffer, The Eagles International President.

It came as surprising news Monday afternoon to local Eagles members when their International President Bill Loffer showed up in Jonesboro, arriving with news that The Eagles will be locked and closed until further notice.

"They were very gracious when we got here, very understanding. They know there are some things that could be changed and they're more than willing to work with the community and make them a bigger part of the community and to eliminate some of the bad things that have been happening," says Loffer.

For months, the local chapter of The Eagles has been a regular in Jonesboro Police reports and the image of The Eagles hasn't been exactly positive.

"We decided to suspend the charter and sit down with the officers of the aerie and see what we can do to change the image of The Eagles," says Loffer.

It's an image President Loffer says is at stake if something isn't done to change it.

"These people are good people. They're very good people and they're doing the best they can with what they have to work with. They were already looking at changes and the changes that they are looking at doing are going to make your community even better and you will be really happy that Jonesboro has an Eagles Club," adds Loffer.

Loffer did tell K8 News that he will be in town for the next few days to work with the local officers on their changes. But for now until he says otherwise, The Eagles in Jonesboro will be closed.