Unknown Container Closes Main Street Jonesboro

March 5, 2007--Posted at 6:45 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR--A bomb scare Monday afternoon closed down an intersection in the middle of Jonesboro. A piece of metal was found in a park at the corner of Nettleton and Main.

Police closed the intersection and the bomb squad was called in from Little Rock. It turned out to be nothing more than a metal pipe that had fallen from a trailer.

The intersection was closed before noon to close to two o'clock as a precaution. It all started when police got a call from a mail carrier who found something that looked like a pipe bomb at a small park that sits at the intersection.

It turned out to be nothing. A resident here says it laid there for almost a week before Monday.

"Last Tuesday, I was out walking my neighbor's dog and saw this pipe out in the middle of the road. I thought someone might run over it, so I picked it up threw it onto the corner and left it there," said neighbor Kevin Broeffel.

After Broeffel tossed the pipe into the park it sat untouched until Monday morning when the local mail carrier stumbled upon it while making her rounds. She contacted police who promptly blocked traffic on Main Street from Cherry all the way to College.

Traffic was closed down for an hour and a half while police set up a perimeter of sandbags around the device. Once up they reopened traffic and waited for the bomb squad to arrive from Little Rock.

It only took the bomb squad around an hour and a half to travel from Little Rock. Once here it didn't take them long to determine the pipe was nothing more a container to store license and registration for a trailer.

"They were here less than 15 minutes from the time they were escorted in the south side of town to the site they did their research and they were out of here," said Lt. Roy Coleman of the Jonesboro Police Department.

Police think the container was welded onto the trailer before it fell off setting the day into motion. While it did cause alarm, Broeffel wasn't surprised that it turned out to be nothing.

"Things fall off trucks all the time on this road mainly at the intersections boards, hubcaps, you are always finding stuff," said Broeffel.

Several homes around the park were evacuated but as of now everything is back to normal.