Police Need Help to Find Missing West Memphis Woman

March 7, 2007--Posted at 6:30 p.m. CST

WEST MEMPHIS, AR--A missing person case in Crittenden County is sparking a search in four states. 64-year-old West Memphis resident Myrtle "Uvyonne" Koeller was last seen at her home Thursday morning, however after that point, both family members and police are unsure where she might be.

Koeller spends her time off shopping in the Memphis area. However, last Thursday, she left her home sometime around 10 a.m. and hasn't been heard from since.

Police are looking for Koeller's 2006 gold Chrysler Town and Country minivan with Arkansas plates. When she didn't return home Thursday evening her family tried calling her, but couldn't get through. No response and after almost of a week of no answers to her cell phone, the search continues for 64-year-old Uvyonne Koeller.

"We still have hope that we are going to find her alive, but with every passing day it lessens a little bit more," said daughter Tonya Serda.

While Koeller's family tries to remain optimistic, the West Memphis Police Department is realistic.

"There's not a lot of information that points to her still being alive," said Assistant Chief Mike Allen of the West Memphis Police Department.

While Koeller is in good shape, time is not her side.

"With the amount of time that has passed, she has either had a medical emergency or she has fallen victim to foul play," said Allen.

Ms. Koeller was last seen in her driveway in the early morning hours of Thursday, however now almost a week later neither she, her car, nor any sign of her, has been seen since then.

"We just don't have anything at this particular time to start the investigation in one way or another," said Allen.

Without new credit card statements or cell phone records, the investigation is at a standstill and it's taking a toll on the family.

"It's been the worst week of my life," said Serda.

While Koeller's disappearance is tough on the family, they are taking an active roll to bring her back by passing out fliers in hope that just one person will have information to help find their loved one.

"It's complete desperation, we need one lead, there is someone out there that saw something or may know something and needs to come forward," said Serda.

The family estimates they have passed out over 5,000 fliers. While they feel they have saturated West Memphis, they don't to plan to stop there.

"If it's 10,000 or 50,000 it doesn't matter to us. We are just going to keep doing it as long as it takes," said Serda.

The search for Uvyonne Koeller has included several flights over rural areas in the region in hopes of finding her vehicle off the beaten path. If you have any information or have seen a similar vehicle you are urged to call local law enforcement.