Fighting Addiction with Faith

PARAGOULD, AR -- The Agape House is a Faith Based program that works only with women who have problems with addiction.

Instead of being a true "rehab" facility the only assistance the women receive is from a higher power.

Stephanie Spillman, a 31-year-old mother of two is one of them.

"I've been addicted to methamphetamine for 12 years," said Spillman.

Spillman said this is her last chance.

"I had legal reasons.  I had family reasons.  My husband was ready to divorce me.  My children were upset because I would come down and be so angry," said Spillman.

After going back to drugs after one rehab program, she decided to go an alternative route this time.  She chose The Agape House.

Founder, and former addict, Sunny Curtis said she started The Agape House to help women when they cannot help themselves.

"You would see girls while they're there get dried out and off the dope and get their mind straight again.  When they get out of jail and need someplace to go they won't have a safe place to go," said Curtis.

The Agape House is a four month program.

"Four months is certainly better than 30 or 40 days.  Some people need longer.  Some people need an eight to ten month program," said Curtis.

The only tool used to break the women of their addictions is the power of faith.

"I believe the only true deliverance from addiction has to come from God," said Curtis.

Many of the women have never held a job, had a checking account, or taken proper care of their children.

The first month at the house is very structured.  During the second month they start to take lifestyle and bible classes.  In the third month they get a job and have more freedoms in and out of the house.  In the last month they get to spend three out of the four weekends at home with their families.

"Hopefully by the time they leave they accept the responsibility for the choices they've made and they have God in their life," said Curtis.

Now, the future looks bright.  Later this year The Agape House will move from their current location to a new larger home.

The house they are purchasing is still in probate court and it is unknown when they will be able to move in.