80's TV Star Teaches Women how to be Better Mom's

PARAGOULD, AR -- A television star from the 1980's has made a stop in Region 8.  Lisa Whelchel, best known for her role on "The Facts of Life" is the keynote speaker at the spring women's conference hosted by the Southside Community Church.

The mother of three uses what she's learned by trial and error to help other mom's.

Southside Pastor Charles Stoddard said when they decided what to focus the conference on Whelchel was their first choice.

"We kind of searched around and found that Lisa could come and talk to us about balanced living," said Stoddard.

"Hopefully these women feel the same way I do.  Hearing someone else doesn't have it all together is sometimes more inspiring than hearing the success stories," said Whelchel.

Region 8 mothers are excited to hear from Whelchel.  Over 400 women in have purchased tickets to the two day conference.

"I have a felling there are a lot of women here who just feel stressed and burdened and heavy.  They probably feel like they're trying to balance a hundred things and not doing a good job at any of them.  I know, I struggle with that myself," said Whelchel.

Organizers hope women take the tools Whelchel gives them to make their lives easier.

"What I would like to see is the women that come here be able to leave having a satisfied life," said Stoddard.

For more information about the conference or about Lisa Whelchel you can go to the website of the Southside Community Church.