A Win, Win Situation

Diane Holmes is the process of receiving chemotherapy. She's living proof of the importance of not only getting a mammogram, but also self examination. She had her yearly mammogram last April... Everything seemed fine. In May, she found a small lump in her breast and went in for another mammogram. "Everything was clear. They told me it was just fibersistic. But I felt like it was still growing so I went back two weeks later and we decided to biopsy it and that's when we found out it was a golf by size tumor."
   Diane was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. Her husband Dan says news like that can be difficult to deal with. "I think just the word cancer is scary and as long as its out away from you, you can deal with it. But when it becomes a part of your life the adjustment. Your whole life all the sudden changes."
   Diane agrees. The news was hard to handle, "It was pretty devastating at first because we have two daughters, and we had just recently buried a good friend of ours to breast cancer a month before so it was pretty scary. But I think that's really when you have to tap into where your beliefs are."
   Diane also tapped into her sense of humor. She lets her daughters use her hairless head as a canvas for creativity. Diane says humor and the power of prayer make the difference. "The power of prayer has been incredible, because I feel like that's where my strength comes from, where my joy comes from, and I feel like as long as I keep connected and keep focused, I can keep that joy within me. If I don't stay focused that's when the fear comes in."
   Dan says, "I think just being able to turn that over and say you know the outcome is not in our hands. The power of prayer gives us that peace that the outcome will be whatever it is and we will deal with it."
   Diane: "I feel like I'm in a win win situation. If I do die, I win and gain Heaven. If I live, I gain life."