Hospital Security In Region 8

JONESBORO, AR - After the weekend abduction of a five-day-old baby from a hospital in Texas, hospitals in Region 8 want to ensure patients that they take all of the necessary precautions.

"One of our security measures is an alarm that goes off when you get close to an elevator.  That alerts the staff that a baby is out of the zone," said

Safety is a major concern for all hospital nurseries in Region 8 including St. Bernards and NEA Medical Center in Jonesboro.

At St. Bernards babies are always taken to and from the parents' room by bassinet.

"The parents have been told that unless the person has a specialized ID tag and they are shown that it has certain color on it do not give the baby to them," said Brenda Million, Chief Nursing Officer at St. Bernards Medical Center.

In addition to these procedures the labor and delivery floor is on the top level of the hospital.  Everyone who enters the floor has to be let in a locked door.

Over at the NEA Medical Center Susan Sanders said they have security measures but no alarm system.

"Alarm systems are not always fool proof.  We have not had the added expense of doing that.  We like to have the personal touch," said Sanders.

They instead rely on a card system.

"The nursery provides a card system that has information that only the nurses and parents know," said Sanders.

The hospital encourages parents to question anyone who enters their room.  After seeing what happened in Texas, Sanders said she is looking closely at their precautions.

"You look at your system and wonder is there anything I can do to keep that from happening in my area," said Sanders.