Brookland Principal Placed on Leave

BROOKLAND, AR -- What led to Brookland Elementary School Principal Rachel Wheeler's dismissal from the school?

That's the question a lot of parents in that school district want to know, especially at Monday night's school board meeting. It wasn't discussed and when we asked, it was obvious that this was a touchy subject.

Two weeks ago, Brookland Elementary Principal Rachel Wheeler was placed on paid administrative leave by School Superintendent Kevin McGaughey. Since, many parents have been wondering why she has left and the reasoning behind this decision.

At Monday night's school board meeting, they had a full agenda, but missing on that list was the discussion of their elementary school principal. When we asked the superintendent about the decision, we barely got an answer.

"Well, I hope you realize that I cannot discuss anything that may be connected to personnel issues. We do have someone in place, students are learning and we're preparing for the benchmark exams," says Kevin McGaughey, Brookland School Superintendent.

We have spoke with Ms. Wheeler since she was placed on leave, but she has referred all questions to her attorney, who currently isn't releasing any statements.