Nailbenders Build Church for Poinsett Co. Congregation.

GREENFIELD, AR - A Region 8 congregation is getting a new church.  Nailbenders for Jesus is a group of retired men who travel around the state of Arkansas putting their hammers to good use.

"We prayed for this for a long time.  It's truly a gift from God," said Carrie Medlock.

"Our building had flooded a few times and the termites had eaten it up and it was just coming down around us," said Randal Dillinger.

"We come give a church 12 working days.  Our goal was to help small churches that couldn't afford the expense of building," said Billy Helton with Nailbenders for Jesus.

"Without Nailbendes we couldn't have done it at all because the labor cost is outrageous on a building this size," said Dillinger.

The Greenfield Church is the 154th church that the Nailbenders have built, but who are the Nailbenders?

"They're all retired and I think the average age right now is about 72," said Helton.

Even at that age they're swinging from the rafters, each one depending on the other and counting on God to protect them.