Lyon College Baseball Player Arrested by FBI

BATESVILLE-21-year-old Jacob Halley has been charged with three Felonies including fondling a child, lewd behavior and obscene communication.

Police reports say Halley met who he thought was a 14-year-old girl he'd been chatting with, but it turns out he met the law.

Now, his actions have students at Lyon College talking.

As Lyon baseball players prepared for another game, there was something missing, and it wasn't the cheer of a crowd.

"I think he pretty much deserves whatever he's got coming," said Freshman, Hunter Stilwell.

Over the weekend of March 3rd, 21-year-old Lyon baseball pitcher, Jacob Halley was arrested by the FBI while on a trip to play Brevard College in Pensacola, FL.

"For one, it makes the school look bad, and just the simple fact that he would even consider doing anything like that is just ridiculous," said Freshman, Ruthie Beard.

Halley was arrested after meeting who he thought was a 14-year-old girl he'd been chatting with on Myspace and AOL Instant Messenger.

Turns out, the 14-year-old girl was an undercover FBI agent.

"Fourteen, that's a little young. That's junior high," said Stilwell.

"When we looked on his Myspace, there were several girls in this area that were underage that he could have gone and done something with," said Beard.

However, what concerns students at Lyon College the most is the fact, not only was Halley a pitcher for the school's baseball team, but he was also a resident assistant in the dorms.

"The fact that he was a R.A. and had a key to all of the dorms on campus is kind of unnerving," said Sophomore, Greg Robinson.

"It puts a weird feeling, knowing that someone with that much control and that much access to everything would be interested in something like that. It makes you wonder what else he could have done," said Sophomore, Justin Carter.Halley made a 50-thousand dollar bond shortly after his arrest.

As for Lyon College, they released a statement saying they would cooperate fully with law enforcement and that Halley had been suspended from the baseball team pending the outcome of the case.

He is set to appear before an Escambia County, Florida judge on March 29th.