New Home for Homeless Pets

JONESBORO, AR -- The dogs need a better home, but so do their caretakers. That's the desperation right now at the Jonesboro Animal Control Facility.

"The facility is run down. It's terrible. I'll tell you from the perspective of a citizen that I'm ashamed of it. I'm telling you from the perspective of a council member that I'm horrified by it," says Judy Furr, a Jonesboro Alderman.

The city animal control facility has been around since the 1930's and is in need of a major face lift.

"The perception of this facility has been so bad for so long and what we're trying to do is change that," says Furr.

Animal Control Workers currently work in a run-down trailer. Skunks have been living underneath the office for months now and the workers have been forced to deal with the odors.

But things are starting to look up. They'll be moving down the hill to this building which was formerly the office for Craighead County Solid Waste Authority; All changes that Animal Control Officer Larry Rogers is highly anticipating.

"We're getting new equipment in. We're revitalizing the pound itself," says Sgt. Rogers.

But the workers aren't the only ones seeing improvements. The animals at the shelter will have more room too. Plans are already in place to remodel the temporary homes for sweet animals like these here, but it's their future home that's so important.

"They make good animals. They make good pets and these dogs need homes. They need people to take them," says Sgt. Rogers.

A need that if not met has an unfortunate result.

"We do have to euthanize the animals. We do try to give them every chance to adopt out, but we cannot hold onto every animal," says Sgt. Rogers.

And that's why they say everyone must do their part to find these animals a good home. There is a small fee to adopt the animals from the shelter, but all come spayed or neutered and with their shots. The animal control facility is located in Southwest Jonesboro on Strawfloor Road.