State Board Deals Downtown Restaurant Fine, Suspension for Alcohol Violations

JONESBORO, AR - Julio's Restaurant and Private Club in downtown Jonesboro has been penalized by the Arkansas Alcohol Beverage Control Division.

The restaurant and bar at 311 South Main Street was hit with a $2,000 fine, a 30-day suspension of its liquor license and one year's probation for alleged violations that came to light after a late-night private party on the evening of February 24.  In the late night/early morning hours of February 24/25, two people were shot and wounded in the parking lot outside of Julio's.

The restaurant has ten days to appeal the penalty before it goes into effect.  An appeal is expected to be filed.

In a related development, restaurant co-owner Julio Diaz, who for several months has had a long-running conflict with members of the Jonesboro Police Department, contacted K8 News late Wednesday morning about his plans to confront JPD Chief Mike Yates regarding his concerns of alleged unfair treatment by the JPD.  However, when Diaz showed up at the Jonesboro Justice Complex, Yates was not in.