Walnut Ridge Airport Makes some Changes

WALNUT RIDGE, AR -- More money is flowing into the Walnut Ridge Regional Airport.  The airport, located just north of the city, has lots of growing room.

"Arkansas State University wants to use this airport to fly their football to their games instead of having to go all the way to Memphis," said airport manager Ken Newcom.

The airport is trying to get their 139 certification for commercial aircraft to land at the Walnut Ridge Regional Airport.

The airport recently received a $200,000 grant for runway lights and additional hangers.  One of the three runways is 6,000 feet long, which is something many small and large aircraft take advantage of.

"We had a request from several pilots that they would like to base their aircraft here," said Newcom.

Many improvements have been made over the past few years but more grant money is still needed they need to build up the runway so they can withstand heavier aircraft.

Recently the airport was designated as a FEMA disaster location in case of a major disaster like Hurricane Katrina in 2005.