Little Guy...Big Hero!

MAYNARD, AR--A little boy helps his grandfather save a life and for his quick thinking and quick feet, this tiny hero now has something special to hang in his room.

It's a cliche to say "heroes come in all shapes and sizes," but in this case a three year-old who loves cowboys is getting a very big tip of the hat.

Two weeks ago three year-old Ian McDowell was out on a farm with his grandfather visiting Jimmy brooks when some of the cattle they were looking at got out of control.

"He was knocked over and a cow got him down," said McDowell.

While the little guy was in the truck, he saw Brooks on the ground and something wasn't right.

"He had broken glasses and his face was bleeding," said McDowell.

"He has had some problems with his chest, lung problems and it really hurt him, I thought bad. He was down. His head was back and he couldn't breath. I had him up where he was breathing on my knee," said McDowell's grandfather Tommy Taylor.

Taylor had to hold Brooks, so that he could breath; however he couldn't call for help because his phone was back in the truck with Ian. That's when the pint sized hero came to the rescue.

"I can run fast," said McDowell.

"He is a little guy but he is pretty quick," said Taylor.

"I got the phone to call 9-1-1," said McDowell.

Because of Ian's quick thinking, the Maynard first responders were soon on the scene and Brooks was ultimately fine.

"It's not every kid that would do something like this. They get scared and they cry and would have been afraid to go out there," said Brooks.

Brooks says he is proud of young Ian and thankful that this little cowboy kept his cool under pressure.

"I guess had it not been for him, I don't know what would have happened. Tommy might not have even got the phone," said Brooks.

In addition to receiving a hero award, Ian McDowell will also be the grand marshall for this years Maynard Pioneer Day Parade.