The Future of Television

Last weekend KAIT had the opportunity to share with you, the viewers of Region 8, the future of television.

Consider This:

February, 2009, less than two years away, television stations across the country will cease broadcasting their current analog signals and will broadcast exclusively in a digital format.

KAIT is already sending out three digital signals and this past weekend we were able to enjoy one of the many benefits of this new technology. KAIT carried ABC programming on our main digital channel, the Southeast Conference basketball tournament on our second digital channel and The Tube music video channel on our third digital channel.

Less than two years ago we would not have had the opportunity to carry additional programming and would have aired ABC programming exclusively. But Saturday afternoon Razorback fans saw their basketball team make the SEC finals, NASCAR fans watched as Jeff Burton captured the Busch Series race in Las Vegas and the non-sports fans were able to enjoy able to enjoy a variety of music videos on The Tube.

Most of our cable partners throughout Region 8 carry our digital channels and some moved the SEC tournament to their lower tiers so more subscribers could enjoy the action. But the great thing is that you don't have to subscribe to any service to receive this programming. All of this programming is available free... over the air.

Some people complained that the games were only on our digital channel, and it took some creative "rigging" to get the games to run full screen on our 24/7 Weather channel, but at least we had the ability to bring provide the games at all. In that past, that option did not exist.

Whether we like it or not, digital will be the only option in the near future. We're excited to have the opportunity offer more options... to give you more choices... hopefully you are as well.