NW AR Congressman Joins Search For New Eastern Arkansas Prosecutor

FAYETTEVILLE, AR - As the lone Republican member of Congress from Arkansas, Congressman John Boozman has joined the search for a new federal prosecutor for the eastern half of the state. Boozman has held conversations with Senators Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor, and called them ``positive.'' Boozman is working on a list of possibe candidates for a new U-S attorney in eastern Arkansas, replacing Tim Griffin. Griffin replaced fired prosecutor Bud Cummins and has said he does not want his name to go before the U-S Senate for confirmation. Boozman said it is imperative that the process to replace Griffin be ``as transparent as possible.'' He said he has received input from Democrats and Republicans. The congressman says he hopes to forward three names to the White House for consideration. He said Griffin was also an excellent choice for the post, but that he respected Griffin's choice to remove himself.

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