Cummins Wonders Whether Missouri Case Did Him In

LITTLE ROCK - Former federal prosecutor Bud Cummins of Little Rock is wondering whether work he did in a Missouri case helped lead to his firing. Cummins took a look at allegations made against Republican officials in Missouri in 2006. At the time, Missouri had a hot race for the U-S Senate. Cummins told the Los Angeles Times that he wonders whether his investigation may have led to his firing. Democrats in Congress are investigating whether politics was behind a Justice Department decision to fire eight U-S attorneys late last year. Allegations in Missouri said Governor Matt Blunt had rewarded supporters with contracts to run the state's driver's license offices. Cummins declined to talk about the investigation, but at its end said Blunt was neither a target nor a witness. In the Senate race, a Democrat narrowly defeated Republican incumbent Jim Talent.

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