Man Shot and Killed In Little Rock Was A Federal Prisoner

LITTLE ROCK - A murder suspect shot and killed by police after the shotgun slaying of another man was completing a federal prison sentence at a Little Rock halfway house. Little Rock police identified the suspect as Kendrick Webb. Webb was finishing a federal sentence for a bank robbery conviction at the City of Faith halfway house. Webb was suspected of killing Eli Sanders the third late Tuesday. Both of the dead men were 25-years-old. Webb had been convicted in the 2002 robbery of a Metropolitan National Bank branch. He was sent to the halfway house February 13th. The deaths of Webb and Sanders came in a five-hour period in which Little Rock had four shooting deaths. The bodies of Nigel Wilson and Bryson Harris were found in southwest Little Rock early Wednesday morning in an unrelated case. Wilson was a former resident of New Orleans who moved to Arkansas after Hurricane Katrina.

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