Youth Claims Abuse at Alexander, Tape Reveals Screams

ALEXANDER, AR - The state is checking claims by an advocacy group that employees of the Alexander Juvenile Correctional Facility failed to check on a boy despite his screams during a profanity-filled incident with a staff member. The Disability Rights Center says the 15-year-old was also restrained too long during the February seventh incident. It wants some employees to be disciplined. The state Department of Health and Human Services is looking into how the center's operator handled the incident. G-4-S Youth Services took over the center in January. An advocacy group report says the boy was taken to a room out of the view of a surveillance camera, but a recording still caught a profanity-laced shouting match between the boy and a staff member. The group said it was surprised no one checked on the boy despite the tumult. An employee in the room with the boy quit before the company's investigation was completed.

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