American Soldiers In Iraq: Is a Pullout Necessary?

JONESBORO, AR -- The United States Senate has been working on a bill to pull our soldiers out of Iraq by March of 2008.  On Friday that bill failed by 12 votes.  Congressman Marion Berry says the house passed a bill that sets certain guidelines that have to be met.

"The bill states that if President Bush doesn't certify to the congress that we're making progress then it says in 180 days the troops will start to be pulled out," said Berry.

That bill now has to go to the full floor to be passed before making its way to President Bush's desk.

Some local veterans disagree with the pullout.

"I'm not for early pullout.  I don't think we should leave anything until we get the job done," said American Legion Commander Jim Lane.

On Friday U.S. Commander in Iraq General David Petraeus has called for an additional 2,600 troops be sent to the war torn country.

"If General Petreaus thinks that will get the job done then they need to be sent," said Berry.

"I don't know if any amount of troops or any amount of money is going to correct the mistakes we made early on," said veteran Jerry Bowen.

Congressman Berry said if troops are to be sent they need the proper training.

"We are making provisions in that bill to protect and provide for our men and women in uniform," said Berry.

Berry told K8 News the president has said he will veto the proposed bill, but Berry said this is the best thing for our soldiers.

"Let's see where we are three months from now, six months from now, lets monitor the situation," said Berry.