CityYouth Ministries Old School vs. New School Tournament

March 17, 2007 - Posted at 6:26 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO-On this st. Patrick's day the luck could have been with either team, the old school or the new school.

However, the lucky ones were the kids of CityYouth Ministries, who will now have another opportunity to experience a summer camp geared towards leadership and discipleship.

With the sound of the whistle the game began.

"You don't realize how quick this game is sitting up in the stands until you get out there and you say, wow, those guys are good, and you realize how much older you are than them," said Old School player, Wesley Anderson.

It was the battle of the old school versus the new school.

"They once were in their prime too, so you have to keep that in mind. We respected them, but who goes to say who was the better squad out there," said New School player, Sam Lee.

The age of the players didn't really seem to matter though, because they were playing for the kids of CityYouth Ministries.

"Basketball is just the vehicle that we came together to use, but the whole ordeal is to be able to provide that spiritual guidance, the leadership, and the role modelship for the kids in our community," said CityYouth's Director, Rennell Woods.

So when it came time to raise money to help the kids go to their summer camp, everyone was ready to hit the court running.

"I thought it would just be a good opportunity not for me, but for the kids and the Lord," said Lee.

"They immediately said, sign me up, sign me up. Some said, hey I can't play anymore, but I can do whatever you need," said Woods.

While some of the old schoolers say they probably should have been sitting on the sidelines, they never gave up.

"When I didn't feel like running up and down this court any longer, I said it's all about these kids, they are our future. Better yet they are our today," said Anderson.

Saturday, it was the support of the community that once again amplified the importance of city youth in the area.

"Without the community raising a child is impossible," said Woods.

And giving a child the chance to be a part of something like CityYouth Ministries, determined the winner before the games ever began.

"The real winner out here is the kids. The kids are going to have somewhere to go, and City Youth Ministries will keep going," said Anderson.Money raised at Saturday's tournament will go to pay for more than 40 kids to attend the annual Kids Across America camp in Branson, Missouri.


If you would like to help out CityYouth Ministries by making a donation or volunteering you can contact them at 870-932-9398 or log onto their web site at

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