Major Pet Food Recall

JONESBORO, AR -- Pet owners should beware. Your pet's food could be bad.

On Friday, Menu Foods issued a recall for 60 million cans and pouches of certain 'cuts and gravy' style dog and cat food products. 50 dog food and 40 cat food brands are on the recall list.

At least 10 pet deaths nationwide have been linked to the recall, which they say can cause kidney failure in some animals.

"There's probably a good chance that some of these pets in the area are eating that food. I would advise owners not to panic. If there animals are doing ok now and they're feeding that food, just discontinue it and start feeding them something else that's not on the list, says Dr. Kevin Reed, Vetcare Veterinarian.

As to what is causing the food to cause illnesses, the company says they're still not sure.

For a list of the brands recalled and symptoms you can look for in your pet, you can click on the link below to the Menu Foods Recall Website.