Truck Rams Into Home

JONESBORO, AR -- Dangerous intersections are everywhere around us, but there's one in Jonesboro that seems to just keep getting worse.

A wreck on the corner of Rains and Oak Street Sunday sent 3 people to the hospital with minor injuries, but there's much more to this story.

Margie Yates lives on the corner of Rains and Oak Street in Jonesboro. It was basically a normal Sunday afternoon for Margie, that is until her living room quickly became a garage for a truck.

"He was coming down real fast through that stop sign and then he ran over that median right there and then straight to there," says Yates.

A ford ranger was traveling south down Rains Street when the driver apparently ran through the stop sign, hit a car that was going west on Oak Street and then slammed into Margie Yates apartment.

"For crying out loud, what's going on? About that time, boom, boom, crash. It scared me to no end," says Yates.

Margie has lived in her apartment here for 3 years and since, wrecks right outside her front door are a common occurrence.

"That intersection is awful. Like I said, on average 4 to 5 times a year there's a wreck or you'll here, errrrrrrrr, somebody trying to stop," says Yates.

She says the landowners around the area have made several complaints over the years to the city since the intersection was changed, but obviously there's still a problem here and it's one Margie and her neighbors say is in major need of a solution.

"That's when it all started happening, when they took down the four way stop signs. I think they need to put the four way stop signs back up, east and west. I do, because there's too much of this," adds Yates.

No major injuries were reported at the time of the accident, but the damage to Yates' apartment estimated nearly $8,000.