State Youth Lock-Up Under Fire Once Again

ALEXANDER, Ark. (AP) - An advocacy group says a 14-year-old's abuse complaint that his arm was broken by an employee went ignored at the Alexander Juvenile Correctional Facility until the outside organization inquired about the matter.

A report released yesterday by the Disability Rights Center says the boy said his arm was broken in early February by an employee who was restraining him. The report says the fracture was not diagnosed by a doctor until February 27.

The boy has bipolar disorder along with other mental illnesses.

The report was the second issued in less than a week that claimed improper handling of an abuse report at the youth lockup.

John Morgenthau, vice president of G4S Youth Services, which manages the facility, would not address specifics. But he says the firm is very aggressive in reporting and investigating any incident at the facility.


The Alexander facility has faced a series of problems in recent years. Inmate Keisha Brown of Osceola died from blood clots in her lungs. Medical records show staff members disregarded complaints about her health.

Arkansas hired G4S to manage the lockup beginning January 21 after allegations last fall that employees for the previous company, Houston-based Cornell Companies, were inappropriately injecting children with anti-psychotic medications to tame bad behavior.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)