Mid-Morning Shooting In Jonesboro Sends Man To Hospital

JONESBORO, AR--A Good Neighbor offering work to a man without a job, ends with gunshots Wednesday morning in a south Jonesboro neighborhood.

The shooting happened in the 1400 block of Woodsprings Road in Jonesboro.

According to the Jonesboro Police Department, Melvin DeJournett was shot two times in the torso and once in the hand at his home off of Woodsprings Road by a man he picked up to do work at his home.

According to a family member DeJournett rountinely made an effort to help those without job by offering work around his home. Wednesday morning DeJournett picked up a man in the Cedar Heights neighborhood, but this time things things went terribly wrong.

"The victim picked up this guy to do some yard work. They came over here, get in an arguement, victim notices his wallet is missing, confronts the guy who he picked up do some yard work and next thing you know gun comes out and he is hit," said Detective Chad Hogard of the Jonesboro Police Department.

Police believe the suspect then headed west on Woodsprings Road. Despite having over ten officers combing the neighborhood for clues, the suspects trail ends.

"We had K-9 out here. The K-9 tracked him and came, didn't locate anything," said Hogard.

Police are looking for a black male who is around six foot six inches. He was last seen wearing blue jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt and is believed to have gotten away with more than a wallet.

"The victim made a comment to me that his wallet and he thinks the suspect might have run off with his cell phone and car keys," said Hogard.

Even though DeJournett was shot three times, he is expected to be alright. Meanwhile, the police investigation has hit a standstill.

"They have looked everywhere and came up with nothing. As of right now, we are waiting for someone to call something in or new leads to develop," said Hogard.

If you have any information concerning this case you are encouraged to call the Jonesboro Police Department.