Baby Tests Positive for Cocaine


A Jonesboro child is given cocaine at a party while the boy's mother was out of town. The two men that were in charge of the child are behind bars, and now, the mother is speaking out.

"We met them at the hospital and he was just bleeding and everything and I didn't know what was wrong with him. Doctors were telling us that it was probably just a feverish seizure. Then we then found out that he had cocaine in his system, that's when they came in and told us," says Jasmine Bedford, the child's mother.

Bedford's 15 month old son had just tested positive for cocaine at St. Bernard's hospital. She says all she knows is that she dropped him off with his father, 22 year old Joey Miller and his friend, 19 year old Theodore Seggerman around 10 Sunday morning.

"I didn't know that any of that was going on. I just know that he told me he wanted my child to be with him because they were having a family barbeque and he wanted him to see the rest of his family," says Bedford.

Police reports say that the child's father and his friend flagged down police officers Sunday night around Main Street claiming the baby was choking and just had a seizure. The baby was taken to the hospital and once doctors discovered that the 15 month old had cocaine in his system, both men were immediately arrested. Still, the child's mother was trying to figure out how this could have happened.

"He just had him around somebody and they dropped something and he just picked it up and put it in his mouth because it was pretty and he wasn't paying him any attention," says Bedford.

Reports also show that the paramedics told police they smelled what was believe to be marijuana on the child's father.

"I was just blaming myself because I shouldn't have let him went. Then I was like they're going to take my baby from me and that would hurt me," says Bedford.

The baby was released from the hospital in his mother's care Monday afternoon, but she says he's still not the same.

"He can't really do anything. He's just really weak, he can't really walk straight. His fever just shot back up to 102 and we just got him home, not even 2 hours ago, so I just don't know," says Bedford.

E.R. Doctor James Fletcher says cases like this are rare, but always extremely dangerous for a child.

"Even a very small amount of cocaine can be a huge dose based on the volume of distribution. They have obviously a very small body weight. That can create a rapid effect. They can have a heart attack or go into a very rapid heart rate and when your heart rate goes very high, it has no filling time, so your blood pressure will drop," says Dr. Fletcher, St. Bernard's Emergency Medical Director.

Both men, the child's father and his friend were charged Monday with endangering the welfare of a child.

This is second time in less than 3 months that a young child has tested positive for cocaine in Jonesboro.