The Beauty of Democracy

Last week marked the fourth anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq. The issue of the war has deeply divided our nation. It was a major issue in last year's congressional elections that many believe led to a change in party leadership in Washington.

As the anniversary of the war approached, thousands of Americans in several U.S. cities demonstrated their opposition to -- or support for -- the war in Iraq. The demonstrations were well organized, and peaceful.

Consider This.

Whether or not you agree with how the war is being conducted, or even if we should have gone to war, you have to agree that it's great to live in a country where you can openly express your opinion on such a volatile issue.

That's the beauty of Democracy. That's the glory of our system of government. Images of peaceful protests demonstrate to the world the true meaning of freedom, the promise of Democracy fulfilled.

We may have different opinions on many issues, but in the end, we are all Americans.