SeMo Man Dies after Chronicling His Own Descent Through Meth Use

ST. LOUIS, MO - A southeast Missouri man who drew widespread attention for his documentary about how methamphetamine ravaged his body has died.

Shawn Bridges, 35, died yesterday at a hospital in Cape Girardeau, his father by his side.  Hours after his son died, Jack Bridges said Shawn was optimistic at the end that his film would keep others from using the highly addictive stimulant.

Shawn Bridges gained publicity last year for "No More Sunsets," a 29-minute film shot by a former television videographer.  The former trucker wanted to immortalize his slow, agonizing decline.

The documentary shows Bridges largely bedridden, his constant companions a catheter and feeding tube he needed because of the poor decisions he admitted making.

About 28,000 people sought treatment for meth addiction across the country in 1993, compared to 136,000 a decade later.

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