Balloon From Wynne Primary School Found in North Carolina

WYNNE, AR -- Twenty helium balloons were released by kids at the Wynne Primary School to celebrate their 100th day of school.  A man in North Carolina found the bright yellow balloon at a golf course with a note attached.

"They watch them go up and away and we always wonder if they'll come down somewhere," said kindergarten teacher Dana Johnson.

The balloon ended up in Tarboro, North Carolina.  The class looked it up and that is about 872 miles away from Wynne.

The students were amazed that one of their balloons had made it that far.

"I just wonder how it went all the way over there!  It almost landed in the water," said kindergartner Noah McClanahan.

Johnson used the discovery as a lesson in geography.

"We got out the map out and looked it up and they were really amazed that it had gone over the mountains and almost to the ocean," said Johnson.

The balloon isn't the only thing that traveled that far.  The story took on wings of its own.

"We just started googling and looking up all the sites and found that it was pretty much everywhere," said Johnson.

But all the feedback hasn't been positive.  Johnson has received some e-mails from environmental groups since the story first ran.

"They were concerned about the balloons landing in telephone wires and possibly harming birds and going on to the ocean and hurting fish," said Johnson.

For the kids releasing the balloons is all about having fun and having new experiences.