JPD Patrol Cruiser Hit by Bullet

March 28, 2007 - Posted at 7:12 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- Imagine driving down the road and you feel a thud hit your pull over and realize it was a bullet.

It happened to Jonesboro Police Officer Kevin Foust Monday night around 10:30 while he was off-duty and driving on Johnson Avenue. He's safe, but says he's lucky to be alive.

"I was expecting to see something on the side, a dent or something where it had hit my car and I started looking across the top of the car, the roof area and noticed a large hole there which was obviously a bullet hole," said Corporal Kevin Foust, who also serves as JPD's DARE Officer.

Foust says the shot was a large caliber fired from either a handgun or a riffle and it was headed straight for him.

"It kind of shook me up a little bit, because the bullet entered the car just above the back glass on the driver's side of the vehicle.  Luckily, it struck a cross member, a support beam that is on the inside of the car on the back glass and it kind of disintegrated there," said Foust.

Foust was driving on Johnson Avenue and near the Rogers Street intersection when he heard the noise.  At the time of the shooting, he was preparing to take a bank deposit from the Sonic Drive-in located on Johnson Avenue as part of his part time off-duty security job.

Police are still collecting evidence and investigating the incident, but currently have no leads.

"It could have come from somewhere up high or it could have come from directly behind the vehicle. I don't know all about the trajectory stuff but they are studying that and investigating that now. There's been no determination made about what exactly elevation it might have come from," said Foust.

And while Foust says he is lucky to be alive, he believes this attack wasn't aimed at him.

"Who ever fired the shot was shooting at the police car itself," said Foust, "Neither do the detectives believe that it was a personal thing, it was the police car itself."

Jonesboro Police are taking this matter very seriously...if you have any information about this incident, call Crime Stoppers at 935-STOP.